1.    Free gift and prices for our products are constantly changing based on ongoing promotions.

2.    The price listed for our product/item is fixed and non-negotiable.

3.    We will not be responsible for customers' mistakes in choosing our products. Buyers or customers can ask for suggestions or advice from us but the final decision is the responsibility of the customer.

4.    We cannot guarantee the quantity of our stock at all times because our stock is also used in store sale (walk-in) and delivery orders (COD). Buyers can ask us the availability of the stock and can make a reservation without any charge.

5.    Customers who purchase any device can also get service assistance from us for products that are still under the warranty period. We will help customers to send the item to the service center. However, any discussion about the product is only between the owner of the item and the service center itself.

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7.    Privacy

8.    Purchased and Payment

9.    Delivery

10.    Self Collect

11.    Item Quality and Warranty

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