1. Application for Return/Refund item

Buyer/Customers may only apply refund or return item with the following term:

2. Condition of Returning Item

3. Liability of Product Return Shipping Fee

4. Process or Period of Return Item

The buyer or customer needs to inform us if the goods received have a problem that is not due to their own negligence. Please take a picture and let us know 24hours after receiving the item. We will try to confirm the problem and allow the return process.

Other exchange of models is not allowed. We will replace your item with a new one. The item must be returned immediately within 7 days from the date of receipt. If unable to do so, then any return process will not be carried out.

5. Refund

We will refund to the buyer after the returned item has reached our hands. Refund will only be sent through online transfer or bank-in process to your bank account. The successful transfer receipt will directly sent to the buyer.

6. Refund

The stock we have is not the same as what is stated on this website. Example available Stock 999 (not a real quantity)

For our customers who have made a direct payment transaction for the out of stock product, we will refund the same amount of money to the buyer by using instant transfer transaction. The transaction will be done during working day only.

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